Drama / Mystery Thriller

written by Filip Halo



English Version - 129 pages


Budget: 2 Mil.


Production: 2018

When his brother turned 12, he has gone inexplicably missing, while Marty - 2 years younger  - and his parents didn't see or hear anything. The family "celebrated" the young boy's birthday each year as a ritual, until the 20th anniversary, where a clue finally appeared.





Marty and his parents organized a party for Mike's 12th birthday, Marty's older brother. During the party, Mike inexplicably has gone missing, without any clue or evidence, without anyone seeing or hearing anything from him. The family and the local sheriff started immediately looking for the young boy. It took days before they realized that it was impossible to find anything without having a single clue.


Marty was devastated, didn't want to go to school and even had suicidal thoughts. He was 10 back at the time and his brother was everything he had, he was his best friend, his hero! Eventually, everybody from the small town helped the family and showed their support, especially their neighbors. Nick, the boy next door, who had the exact same age as Mike, felt sorry for Marty and tried his best to cheer him up. They slowly became good friends and Marty realized that Nick has many similarities with Mike himself. Marty went back to school and Nick was always there for him, he protected him, he supported him and the two became the best friends in the entire world.


Years later, it was time for college. Marty wants to go away to study, while Nick cannot afford it. Marty's girlfriend Lisa also doesn't want to leave the small town, cause she wants to have a career in the police force, dreaming to become a detective someday. Marty is devastated for a second time in his life and things get even worse, when Nick expresses his real feelings for him. Mike wants something more than a simple friendship, he is actually in love with Marty. This is simply too much for Marty, who never had any similar thoughts in his entire life. He has quite a few reasons to move away, and so he does.


During the college years, Marty visits the small town only once during summer, for the standard ritual of celebrating his brother's birthday. Marty is a changed man, he doesn't want to be around, he wants to forget.


After college, Marty finds a job and slowly becomes a grown man, wise and handsome. He doesn't want to look back, and so he stops visiting his parents and starts missing the birthday ritual. Life is easier for him that way.


After a marriage, a child and a sudden divorce, Marty need to re-evaluate things. A phone call from his sick mother, who begs him to visit them for a last time, and the fact that it is the 20th anniversary of Mike become missing, make him change his mind and finally visit his home town again.


He meets Lisa after so long, who has managed to become a detective already, a very good one also and he even makes amends with Nick. He is sorry for treating him that way and the both hug and try to forget the past.


Lisa recovers some files of Mike's case, the day after she sees Marty again. She is a very clever young detective with a brilliant mind, and she notices something that no one has noticed back then. It is a very small clue, but it is the first thing they have found in 20 years searching for Mike. She decides to tell Marty, the day before he goes away, something that totally changes his plans. He decides to stay and take a look in the mystery case, without any emotions or feelings. He tries to see everything from the point of view of a police officer.


Marty will soon find out that the truth behind Mike's disappearance is shocking and out of this world. For the first time he is convinced that he might be alive somewhere, but the closer he gets to the truth, the more disturbing everything becomes for him....



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