Neuron Grave


105 Min. - Psychological Horror Thriller


Inside a dark room, on the floor, lies Judy, a beautiful girl, who suffers from the Fregoli Syndrome, a rare case in which a person cannot identify the faces of others. William, her psychiatrist, wakes her up and continues with what appears to be a unique therapy, where he pushes her to dig deep into her memories, for the most weird and unexplained images and events. Judy loses touch with reality completely through the process, while experiencing every single gruesome story she has read or watched as her own memory, in front of her. The memories are vivid, very disturbing and even shocking. Inside the body of a different girl, she experiences that girl’s descent into madness, after waking up inside a van in the middle of nowhere and how she managed to return home. The memories and the pain seem real to Judy, especially after she discovered that her best friend Mark committed suicide in front of the camera and has sent her the video. After recovering from the double shock, she re-connects with Mark’s girlfriend Jessica, who leads her into the dark secrets of their lives, before the “forced” suicide.


Judy finds herself trapped inside an aluminum box, that is screwed to a wall, while William keeps on with the psychotherapy. Familiar images from movies and from the Deep Web become alive in front of her, while William’s sentences remind her of various pop songs she loves listening to. She connects all the dots from her past, from the day she had her first period, the fear she had of her mother’s secret lover, her relationship with her cancer-diagnosed father and how she became obsessed with horror movies and shock videos and creepy pasta, before discovering the real horror of Deep Web, things that cannot be unseen.


William pushes her to her limits and physically threatens her in every single possible way, with the help of his loyal crew, a huge guy named “Butcher”, a masked-guy who looks like a serial killer and a demon-faced masked guy named “Neuron”, who seems to be in charge of the whole operation. Judy soon realizes that inside the room, there is a camera and people are watching her therapy and mental torture live on the web, which gives her an unexpected pleasure and satisfaction. Soon, she will be convinced, that this is not just a session and William is not her psychiatrist, but a very dangerous man, who has suffered a great loss, before becoming a sick mastermind. Judy is actually the star of a highly complicated snuff video.



Directed, written and produced by Filip Halo (Chalatsis)

Starring: TBA

Language: English



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An Interview with the director Filip Halo (Chalatsis)