A very artistic approach to a slasher thriller by artist Panagiotis Xanthopoulos, who collaborated during the editing of the movie and delivered all tracks one by one after watching each and every scene of the movie. The soundtrack reminds us of movies by John Carpenter, David Cronenberg and good old-fashioned giallo thriller. A true gem for every soundtrack collector and music lover.


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RAZOR (2007) Soundtrack


Original Soundtrack CD Artwork:

Dyers Eve - Behind The Door (Reprise)

MORDANT - What Time Can't Touch

A great song from a great band, thrash metal, pretty much old school, that fits perfectly inside Razor. The band is also featured in the Amok Sessions soundtrack. Be sure to check out their other songs on Reverbnation, the album is a bit old but it is still worth listening to it, it is an underground classic.

Mordant is a death metal / thrash band from Thessaloniki, Greece. This is their first release and many of the songs of that album became a background soundtrack for the torturing scenes in Razor.