STYLUS (2010)


88 Min. - Mystery Thriller / Drama


Angelo is an ambitious guy, who wants to make it into modeling and the fashion industry. Things are very hard for him, he tries to create a web series with a friend about the everyday life of a male model, in hopes he could turn it into a reality show deal. He manages to book fashion shows from time to time, but nobody pays any real attention to him, it's always about sexual favors and drugs.


Inside the fashion and modeling circles, he meets a guy, who is well-connected, but Angelo doesn't really know what the guy actually does for a living. He assumes that he is a pimp, but keeps his number just in case. A couple of weeks later, Angelo gets into big trouble with his girlfriend and does something that can get him to jail. He is despaired and the only guy he know that could actually be able to help him, is the pimp. This turns out to be the second biggest mistake of his life. The pimp helps him with his situation, but demands to get a lot of things in return. He forces Angelo to recruit young girls, who are willing to do a lot for finding jobs as models, and uses him to create a corrupted modeling agency. Angelo starts to like the situation, but soon he will have to deal with his own demons. When he tries to get out of the deal, he finds out what the pimp is actually capable of.




We have started shooting this movie in late 2006 and 2007, when we first covered a great number of fashion shows and photo shootings sessions with "Angelo", that would eventually serve as the backbone of the story. Parts of the movie were shot like a fake documentary, and that is the beauty of the movie, cause it feels very real. There is a huge twist right after the second act of the film, that transforms the movie into a disturbing Mystery Thriller.


The movie didn't have a proper release.


Directed, written and produced by Filip Halo (Chalatsis)

Starring: Aggelo Mato, Filip Chalatsis, Nick Samaras, Maria Tsolaki, Philippos Lekkas, Jenny Methot, Antonis Karagiannis

Language: German (with English Subtitles)





Production Stills & Behind The Scenes Rare Photos

Soundtrack by Etostone

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Stylus original Teaser from 2006 - Low Quality